t A. Traviss Corry
The office @bdcentral was filling today with members of @ethereumproject from the UK & out of Switzerland.  This week is your chance to attend an http://Ethereum.org meetup with international member in #Toronto. Come to Bitcoin Decentral, 64 Spadina at 7pm Wednesday (Tomorrow). (at Bitcoin Decentral)


Join us this Wednesday at Bitcoin Decentral for a special Ethereum Meetup. The Ethereum Team will be in Toronto to present and answer questions on Ethereum. Ethereum is a next-generation “Bitcoin 2.0” cryptocurrency & decentralized application platform. Please RSVP by clicking on the following link: http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Ethereum-Meetup/events/175700092/# Time: This Wednesday April 9th at 6pm-7pm EST. Location: Bitcoin Decentral, 64 Spadina Ave, Toronto


Please help us promote In Crypto We Trust Hackathon at #Bitcoin #Decentral. Vote it up on @Reddit THX!
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Today @BDecentral we have @AmirTaaki in-office. Prominent #Bitcoin developer, open source advocate, on @Forbes list of top 30 entrepreneurs 2014, cofounder of the UK’s first #Bitcoin Exchange Intersago, as well as being part of the globally known & impactful project Dark Wallet.
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A Brief History of Money.
4th Apr 201409:38
Tell us what you think. Bitcoin Decentral is simplifying our brand in prep for a sharp sector focus on Decentralized Apps for the 1st cohort of Decentral Accelerate, the building of the Decentral Cowork corps & the expansion of our community Events.  (at Bitcoin Decentral)
3rd Apr 201417:43
The dedicated #MediaRoom is being set up @BDecentral - home to @cointalkca (at Bitcoin Decentral)
Better Red Than Dead - Episode 59: A. Traviss Corry - Bitcoin Accelerator - from the libertarian podcast hosted by Redmond Weissenberger the Executive Director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada. Better Red than Dead features interviews with top libertarian scholars including Joe Salerno, Patrick Barron, Jeffrey Tucker, Per Bylund, Dave Howden, and Doug French.
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Russel Verbeeten was rep-ing @BDecentral at #DevTO @DevTO last night; on the hunt for Hackathon Talent! Developers apply here http://bitcoinexpo.ca/hackathon/ & immerse yourself in the the most controversial hackathon #Toronto has ever seen - In Crypto We Trust; a reference to cryptocurreny and it’s disruptive technologies that allow anyone to be their own bank.
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Video calls are more fun with this #EpicBeard #SailorStyle #OldSpiceMan #CaptainCorry  (at Hunters Landing)
Announcing the Faculty for Rothbard University: An Austrian Economics Event This Summer in Toronto! @Mises_Canada
27th Mar 201410:05
Look at that! A #bitcoinATM in #Canada that allows deposits & withdrawl from fiat $CAD & back. #GAMECHANGER. Want to know where #financial #fintech #innovation is? Don’t go to Bay Street. It’s NOT there. Come to Bitcoin Decentral at 64 Spadina. #BottomUp #GrassRoots #BeYourOwnBank with #cryptocurrency.  (at Bitcoin Decentral)
Fascinating speakers & 100+ crowd PACKED into @bdecentral for the weekly #Toronto #bitcoin #meetup. Summer is near. Renovations underway. Soon we will spill onto the patio at King & Spadina. Join us to learn & talk bitcoin on any Wednesday at 7pm, 64 Spadina. Http://bitcoindecentral.ca  (at Bitcoin Decentral)

It’s not every day one receives delivery on a new #bitcoinATM! @bdecentral (at Bitcoin Decentral)