t A. Traviss Corry

[IN]cubes Design Mentors INtensivesThe last two week’s of INcubes curriculum has guided it’s startups through a rigorous Design Critique Process. When a startup is bootstrapping, and run by talented product developers, the expert and experienced eyes of Mentors focused on Design, such as Playground Inc, bring incalculable value to beta user interface iterations, and the forming of young brand identities. We’d like to thank, Raj Grainger of University of Toronto, for his problem solving Art Direction & UI Advisement. We’re very glad to have the dynamic and ongoing Startup Mentorship of Jeff Davidson and his focus on high-level brand development, from logo to pitch to UI.Special thanks to Johnathon Vaughn Strebly, Principal epixStudios, and VP Eduction Graphic Design Society Of Canada BC, and more, who’s sage-like Design Critique via webcam from Vancouver showed unbelievable results in directing all three startups’ brands. We look forward to his ongoing cross-continent Mentor INtensives.